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Why Capitalix Consultancy?

  • To inspire and empower towards the creative and innovative steps in uplifting your business and make you thrive as the super power.
    • Devotion

      Our devotion in what we do will never be wavered. Our Devotion entails uninterrupted time and attention for discussion and planning and also to think seriously about what you are dreaming of.

    • Efficiency

      We work collectively to meet efficiency and we strongly hold the “can do” attitude which opens the horizon for immense success.

    • Exceptional

      We strive to be exceptional and we will make you exceptional. With dignified elegance we lead you sustainably with composure to face the challenges and to fulfilling your dreams with an unwavering tenacity.

    • Professional

      Our Professional expertise conforms with the technical and ethical standards of your business.

  • Passion

    Our passion added to our expertise offers a driving force for newer perspectives and opportunities.


    With defined goals, we make ourselves accountable and we do everything possible to both overcome difficult circumstances and achieve desired results.


    We believe in doing the right thing as humility and integrity form the basis of our leadership.


    We engage with different perspectives and a self-reflection programme to understand our own limitations so as to see the business world with more clarity.


    We believe in straight forward guidance and in breaking internal barriers and we tackle challenges without causing a labyrinth.

  • Develop a plan that gives life to your business idea
    Deconstruct your weaknesses and strengths
    Deploy your plan differently and stand out of the crowd
    Dissect your performance periodically
    Do take care of your online presence and image
    Deliver the goods
    Dialogue is crucial to build up strong business network
  • We believe in team work with the right manpower; when combined together the result is effective and efficient. Our team comprises of Accountants, Legal Professional, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Business Developer, Bloggers, Mediators, Recruiters and other Associates.

Capitalix Consultancy

We are a dedicated and qualified team providing result-oriented business solutions encompassing a full digital marketing service, business development and business sales. Our business consultants evaluate business performance and carve effective marketing campaign to improve the return on investment. We have in-house digital marketing experts, accountants and lawyers to assist your business.

We Digitalised Your Marketing Strategy

We Develop Your Business

We Increase the Value of Your Business

We Sell Your Business for Better Value

Whether you are a new start-up or an existing business, our support will keep your business well equipped to face modern challenges. We are here to guide and advise you at every step of evolution within your business that falls within the realm of our expertise. We follow a determined approach to consistently deliver breakthrough solutions across a variety of fields, helping you to become more responsive to challenges.

As most works are undertaken in house, we are able to offer flexible terms ranging from one off contract, short-term contract or joint ventures. We highly recommend to make most ofour generous 2 hours free consultation.