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There is nothing more lucrative than being your own boss and be known as a businessperson. Thinking so, your mind is immediately filled with a dream – wealth, brand new car, an office and probably cruises. Stop and think again! This sounds easy and rosy but it’s not an easy path although very much achievable. Starting a business without proper knowledge and support is like driving towards your destination with your eyes closed.

We always remind our clients about the 7 Ds:

  • Develop a plan that gives life to your business idea
  • Deconstruct your weaknesses and strengths
  • Deploy your plan differently and stand out of the crowd
  • Dissect your performance periodically
  • Do take care of your online presence and image
  • Deliver the goods
  • Dialogue is crucial to build up strong business network

How can we help you?

We have carved out a comprehensive package for start-ups that give you the fundamentals to kick-start your business efficiently.

Start Up Package

  • Consultation on Business Plan & Market research techniques
  • One-day training on “Running your Own Business” which includes the following:
    • Incorporation
    • Statutory Filing with HMRC & Companies House
    • Directors Duties/Liabilities
    • Basic Business Law
    • Meetings & Minutes
    • Intellectual Property
    • Bespoke templates for letters, contracts etc
    • Social Media
  • Incorporation of a limited company together with HMRC paper works;
  • 10 Hours Business Mentoring/Advice
  • Website Development for your chosen business
  • Business logo & Stationary – design and print
  • GDPR

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