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Print Marketing is not dead but rather is now an added value of today’s marketing era. While digital medium stays on consumers’ mind for short period of time, print marketing are more personalized and stay on consumers sight.

Print marketing is still an effective tool to enhance your brand and help to generate qualified leads. It is best used as an added value to digital campaigns. Think of an advert on Facebook and during that period of time you receive a complimentary branded calendar or gift. Does it not make that brand stands out? Marketing is all about ‘Out of Sight Out of Mind”. The best way to achieve brand loyalty is to have a mix of digital and print marketing run side by side. Alternatively, you can engage with your audience by giving away free branded materials in return of their data which later can be used to generate leads.

    Key Facts about Print Marketing:

  • A personalised item attracts brand loyalty
  • A personalised gift can be used on a daily basis and keep your brand in consumers’ mind longer.
  • A poster is seen by many people specially for local businesses.
  • A leaflet through the door triggers curiosity and more likely to be read by consumers.
  • A business card plays a better role in a networking event and a good excuse to start a conversation.
  • A billboard on the highway demonstrate a higher value of the brand.
  • Livery (branded stickers) on your vehicle draws people’s attention even while driving.

Capitalix Consultancy has always used a mix of digital and print marketing to help businesses generate leads.

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