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Leads Generation:

is now the future of successful businesses. A business cannot grow without vigorous leads generation strategies. Your website and social media pages only represents your business online and must be optimized to generate leads that convert into sales. In simple terms, leads generation is the channel to acquire new customers’ details who have shown interest in buying your product/service. It gets pointless when the leads cannot be converted into sale, hence, it costs more money to your business.

Cost Effective:

Capitalix Consultancy offers a smooth and cost effective leads generation service to businesses. We already have experienced consultants in digital marketing and thus we can handle your whole marketing services under one roof. Digital marketing in itself is vast and you do not need to invest massively in all digital marketing channels. Our consultant will assess your business marketing strategies and will advise you on the right medium in view of generating quality leads.

Return On Investment:

We can work together in multiple ways and remain open to discuss different terms of business. Unlike other marketing agencies, we offer tailored packages that suit your financial ability and business objectives. We want you to make more sales because that is how we make sales. You Win We Win.

Our three most common working arrangements are:

  • Pay Per Leads: With a minimum set up cost, we run and manage your campaign for free and you pay per lead only.
  • Outsourced Service: If you have your own strategies and system in place, you can outsource your full marketing/leads generation service to us for a fixed monthly fee, usually, less costly than employing a full time staff.
  • Joint Venture: If you are short of capital to invest in marketing, we are happy to invest in your marketing against a fair share of your sales turnover to leverage our risk.

Our Forte:

Having been in this field for over 7 years, we have in-house consultants specialised in marketing, finance and business development who will be also working on your leads generation campaign. We will review your website, social media, marketing strategies and your business in general, if needed, for free.

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