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Start Your Own Children’s Day Nursery and Be Your Own Boss.

If you are thinking of starting your own business, then a children day nursery is a lucrative choice.All you need is the passion to work with children and the stamina to kick start a new path. Childcare industry is one among the growing industries at the moment and is highly regulated by OFSTED and the Department of Education. The United Kingdom is known to have the most effective and high standard education system, such that, investors has shown great interest in this niche. It is a lucrative venture whereby your business can be your legacy and reap great financial return in the long run. Our Childcare Consultancy team is well equipped to support you all the way to mounting your passion with dignified elegance.

Our expertise in Childcare Consultancy dates back in 2012. We have a proven track record in childcare consultancy ranging from setting up new nurseries and working in joint venture with investors. Our approach is different and dynamic. We provide a ‘hands on’ support to potential nursery owners in childcare to develop strong business acumenrather than them “doing it alone” and suffer from start-ups failures. Setting up a nursery is a very challenging experience given that it is highly regulated and yet having to deal with all intricacies of building a profitable and successful business at the same time.

Capitalix Consultancy developed a new brand “Le Nid Childcare” to pilot its consultancy works. We had set up two new nurseries: Southall and East Dulwich Grove. Le NidChildcare in Southall was a 25 places nursery whereby we implemented our strategies and established a business model. Following its success, we implemented the same strategies and business model in Le Nid Childcare East Dulwich Grove, a four story building nursery for 90 places. Both projects were successful and you can check out our journey by clicking here.

Our service is comprehensive and alleviates the stress and hassle to support you becoming your own boss with a brighter future. We work all the way together to get your children nursery up and running. Our consultancy encompasses all regulatory process and paper works; property search; marketing; business development; trainings and on-going support to ensure that your nursery is compliant as well as performing well.

Our Pricing options are engineered to suit your requirements. Unlike others, we are not a great fan of hourly rates. We believe every project is different and deserves a more realistic pricing. Depending on the size & type of the project we may agree either

  • One-Off Payment; or
  • Payments in Stages; or
  • 3-monthly rolling contract, or
  • Joint Venture

Our Childcare Consultancy team will ensure that you are well prepared, equipped and able to start your new nursery without unnecessary obstacles. We will guide you at every step of evolution that falls within the realm of our expertise.

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